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Braised meat with dried vegetables is the most authentic and long-standing Xiangtan flavor food

1. Rinse a large piece of pork with skin in water to remove pig hair.

2. Slice the ginger, put enough water in the pot (it is estimated that it can not pass the meat), boil the water, put the meat in and cook until it can be inserted and taken out with chopsticks. Use a toothpick to prick small eyes on the surface of the meat skin. The denser the tie is, the better. This way, the skin will become fluffy. When it is hot, evenly smear brown sugar and soy sauce on the surface of the meat skin.

3. Put the oil in the pan and heat it to 70-80 ℃ (the smoke on the oil surface diffuses to all sides, and the oil surface is calm). Put the whole meat skin down and fry it in the pan. It's better to cover the pot with the lid to avoid scalding by splashing the oil. Fry the skin of the meat and drain the oil.

4. Soak the whole meat skin in water until the skin is soft and drain.

5. Soak the dried vegetables in boiling water, clean and squeeze the water. Chop the green onion and pepper into pieces.

6. Cut the meat into pieces, each about 0.8 cm thick, skin down, and arrange in a bowl.

7. Place dried vegetables on top, sprinkle with salt and steam in a steamer for 30-50 minutes until the meat is soft and rotten.

8. Cover the steamed pork with a bowl.

9. Reverse the bowl and put the meat into the plate.

10. Another pot, add soup, pepper, onion, salt, soy sauce, monosodium glutamate, boil, pour in the meat can be. It tastes better after the meat is cooked. The dried vegetables are soaked in the oil juice to absorb the oil.