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An indispensable happy snack for bride's marriage

1. Dilute the yeast with a little warm water.

2. Pour the diluted yeast into the basin.

3. Put in two eggs.

4. Add sugar.

5. Pour in cooking oil.

6. Use the eggbeater to fully mix all materials.

7. Add flour a little bit and stir with chopsticks.

8. Mix into dough.

9. Smooth the dough by hand, add some dry flour in the process of kneading, try to make the dough harder and easy to form.

10. Cover with plastic wrap or lid, and put it in a warm place.

11. It's enough to send the dough twice as much as the original one. After having lunch in the morning, the basin will be full.

12. Take out the dough, exhaust the air and rub it smooth.

13. Put in the fried white sesame seeds and mix well with the dough.

14. Roll the dough with a rolling pin to form a dough, about 0.5cm.

15. Use a knife to cut the dough into rhombus blocks and let it go for half an hour (you can also use a mold to carve out the shape you like).

16. Turn on the power of the electric cake bell, turn it to a small fire, and put the diamond block which has been sent.

17. After forming one side, turn it over until it's golden on both sides. The taste is crispy.

18. Burn all the fruits in turn, and they will be crisper after cooling. If you can't eat it all at once, seal it with a fresh-keeping bag after it's cool and dry, and it's not easy to get damp.