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Local snack corn buns bring you the taste of history

1. Sift the topaz rice flour with the ultra-fine copper roller, mix the finer flour and the tender leaved dough into paste fermentation, and when the fermentation reaches 60%, add another part of the coarser corn flour to form the dough.

2. Divide the dough into 30 facial preparations, make small pits one by one, and press 2-3 Lycium barbarum seeds into each small pit.

3. Drain the prepared socket head into the cage orderly, steam it in a boiling water pot for 20 minutes, and then mature.

Production essentials:

1. The topaz rice flour has the characteristics of gold and it is soft;

2. The beauty of medlar planting is irregularity;

3. The size of the head should be well proportioned, and the steaming should be done with high fire.