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Tomato baked soybeans: a "reverse growth" dish to keep the secret of time

1. Remove impurities from soybean and soak in water for half an hour.

2. Let the tomato go and scald in the water.

3. Add some water to the pot, pour in the soybeans and cook.

4. Peel the tomato.

5. Cut into small dices (it's easy to quickly fry tomatoes into sauce when frying).

6. Boil the soybeans and fish them out for use.

7. Heat the pot, put in a small amount of oil, and start to stir fry tomatoes.

8. Constantly stir fry the tomatoes to make sauce.

9. Pour in the soybeans and stir fry them constantly. Try to make the heat a little bigger.

10. Add some salt and chicken essence.

11. Add some pepper.

12. Stir fry for a while, and try to keep the water in the tomatoes dry.