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Shanghai People's favorite Sichuan dish spicy and delicious pot chicken

1. Boiled chicken. After the rooster is slaughtered, it is necessary to clean the fluff and internal organs, wash and cook until it is dead, and then fish out the rooster. Stewed pork bone in soup.

2. Slice. After the chicken is dried, it is arranged and boned and cut into slices.

3. Seasoning bowls. Add salt, chili oil, pepper, pepper powder, sugar and monosodium glutamate to the chicken slices in the basin and mix them evenly. Put them on the table in a pottery pot and scoop up a bowl of Chicken Soup for food.

The finished chicken is not bright. The color of the pot chicken should be red and white with bright oil. Soy sauce should not be put in seasoning to avoid damaging the color of chicken. After the cooked oil pepper is refined, it can be put for one or two days to use again, that is, it can make the oil red and bright, and the finished product looks good.