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The taste of fresh oysters

1. Put clams in salt water to spit sand for one hour;

2. Brush the clam shell with a toothbrush;

3. Wash and slice scallion and ginger;

4. Put half pot of water in the pot, add green onion and ginger slices, and boil;

5. Add clams, cover the pot and simmer for a while;

6. When you hear the opening sound, open the lid of the pot, and use chopsticks to clip out the opened clam;

7. Wash the clam in flowing water, and thoroughly remove the sand in the clam; leave the water for a while, then leave a small half bowl, and pour the rest;

8. Heat the oil in the pot, stir fry the clam, add rice wine, boil the water of the clam, and simmer until boiled;

9. Add some salt and stir fry well, then dish and start cooking, so you can eat.


1. The reason why the clam needs to be boiled first and then washed with water is to clean the mud in the clam. If the clam bought is very clean, this step can also be omitted.

2. The clam will grow old when it is cooked for a long time, and the taste is not good, but the time for the clam to open its mouth is different, so in the fifth step, the clam that opens its mouth first should be fished out.

3. Stewing with yellow wine can remove fishiness and increase fragrance.