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Crazy experience of spicy duck intestines

The process of removing peculiar smell from duck intestines:

1. Fresh duck intestines.

2. Wash with clear water for many times to remove dirt.

3. Then squeeze out the water, pour about 20ml rice vinegar (edible vinegar is OK) into the duck intestines, and soak for a while.

4. Then add a tablespoon of salt to the duck intestine.

5. Wear rubber gloves and massage repeatedly.

6. Then rinse it with water twice, and then do the 3-6 steps twice again to remove the peculiar smell of duck intestine.

7. Prepare the auxiliary materials for stewing duck intestines: cardamom 3G, fragrant leaves 2 pieces, ginger 3 pieces, star anise 1 piece, pepper 2G, licorice 3 pieces.

8. Add a proper amount of water into the pot, pour in the auxiliary materials, boil in high heat, and wait for the fragrance of the auxiliary materials to come out.

9. After that, add the cleaned duck intestines to the boiling water for several times, blanch for 1 minute, and add 20ml cooking wine during the cooking.

10. Prepare boiled duck intestines, carrots, cucumbers, dried beans, and peppers.

11. Cut cucumber, carrot and dried bean into shreds and pepper into sections.

12. Prepare the juice of sugar and vinegar, mix 5g sugar, 15ml vinegar, 10ml cooking wine, 15ml raw soy sauce, 1g salt, mix well and then reserve.

13. Add some cooking oil into the pan, stir fry ginger slices, garlic cloves and pepper sections.

14. Stir fry with shredded carrots.

15. Stir fry the shredded carrots until fragrant. Add in the duck intestines and continue to stir fry.

16. Add dried bean shreds.

17. Pour a layer of sweet and sour juice.

18. Sprinkle a layer of cucumber shreds and mix well, then leave the pot.