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Baohe lotus root porridge, an Anhui snack, has a story in every dish

1. Cut off the lotus knuckle from Baohe old lotus root, scrape and wash it. Wash the glutinous rice, put it into a large bowl, add a little Baohe lotus root porridge alkali (boiled with water) and mix well. When the rice is dry, pour it into the lotus root hole.

2. Put the lotus root filled with rice and the remaining rice into the copper (or aluminum) pot at the same time, add boiling water (no more than lotus root about 6.5cm) and a little alkali, and then boil it with a strong fire. Use a small fire to simmer it for about 1 hour, turn it twice in the middle, and finally mix it with brown sugar.

3. When eating, take out the lotus root with fork and cut it into 3 mm thick lotus root slices. Place 3 pieces of lotus root in each bowl, then put in porridge.