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Lotus root dumplings that are crystal clear and can't fall into the dust

1. Wash the red bean and put it into the pot, add water until it is immersed, boil it with high fire, put it into the basket, then connect it to the basin, rub the boiled red bean with your hands, add 1000 grams of cold water into the basket slowly along the side, make the bean paste come out of the shell, leave it for 15 minutes to clarify, skim off the froth, and pour it into the cloth bag to squeeze it dry. 2. Put the caramel and 150g water in the middle of the pot. When the sugar is completely melted, remove the sediment, put it into the sugar water pot, add 250g white sugar and 30g rapeseed oil, stir continuously until the fine sand is brown red, put it into the pot and sprinkle with osmanthus. 3. Remove the fascia from the lard and cut into 7mm cubes. Mix 180g white sugar and 8g salted osmanthus into the lard. Peel the walnut meat and cut into soybean sized grains. 4. Place the pot on a high fire, add 250g clear water and amaranth juice to boil, use a small fire instead, then put in flour, stir fry with a spoon for about 3 minutes.