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Red three chop of Yunnan Yi's home cooked vegetables

1. Chop the tenderloin and ginger into pieces

2. Add some salt to the meat filling. Meal, soy sauce, oil

3. Stir well in one direction and marinate for ten minutes

4. Dice the green pepper and chop it

5. Insert the tomato into the bottom with chopsticks and bake it on the fire. Turn it evenly and turn off the fire when the skin is broken

6. It's easy to peel off the skin

7. Cut the tomato into small pieces and remove the core

8. And then chop it into small pieces

9. Chop tomatoes and green peppers into small pieces and set aside

10. Heat the pan and pour in a small amount of olive oil

11. Stir fry the marinated minced meat

12. Stir fry the minced meat and add the diced green pepper

13、 Stir fry a few times, then stir fry the diced tomatoes together

Stir fry and add salt and other seasonings, then add some shallot, layer.