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Sweet taste Hong Kong egg tart

1. Put butter and sugar powder in the egg beating basin, use the eggbeater to stir until the color becomes lighter, add the egg liquid and continue to stir until it is completely fused

2. Add the cream, continue to mix until it is blended, sift in the flour and mix well, and refrigerate the dough for at least one hour

3. Sprinkle a little low powder on the panel, roll the dough into 4mm thick pieces and put them into the tarting mold (pay attention to the thickness and uniformity). If time permits, it is better to refrigerate overnight

4. Mix the materials of the egg milk liquid (egg liquid (room temperature) 160g, sugar 80g, cream 50g, water 210g), and pour them into the container

5. preheat the oven for 220° C for about 15 minutes, and turn the edge of tartar skin to light brown