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You can't imagine how to make omelette

It's not a new way to make dumpling skin with egg liquid. But have you tried to make dumpling directly with spoon? Let's see how I make it.

1. Stir fried shrimps, chopped for use, mushroom for use, chopped, mushroom water for use.

2. Mince minced pork. Add minced mushroom, chopped shrimp, ginger and an egg white into minced pork. Stir with proper amount of salt and mushroom water. Marinate for 20 minutes.

3. After marinating, add water chestnut powder, beat the egg yolk together, and add a small amount of water starch.

4. After the spoon is heated, wipe it with lard, pour in a spoon of egg liquid, and rotate the spoon to spread it evenly.

5. When the egg shell is still wet, put in a proper amount of stuffing, cover the slightly raised egg shell with the spoon gently and fold it in half, and make a soft yellow egg dumpling.