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How to dry squid

How can squid be dried? Usually we often see dried squid in snack street. Because it's hard to taste, there's a certain technical content in cooking at home. Let's make it a little more homely.


1. Clean and cut the garlic into sections, cut the red hot sauce into sections, cut the squid into small strips, and slice the garlic slices.

2. The garlic sprouts are first scalded in boiling water, then cooled in cold water, which makes the color of garlic sprouts greener.

3. Heat the wok, add the red oil, stir fry the garlic first, add the Ganma sauce and Xiaokang beef sauce, the ratio is 2:1.

4. Stir fry the squid after fragrant, stir fry, put the squid first because the squid is hard to taste, so stir dry in advance, stir fry and then put the red pepper.

5. Stir fry for five minutes, then add the garlic to fry, add a little chicken essence and a little sugar, no salt.