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Childhood favorite Guilin horseshoe cake

How to make horseshoe cake? Horseshoe cake has similar snacks in many places, but the names are different. Today, I want to share with you the practice of Guilin Street horseshoe cake.


1. Prepare a jin of high-quality horseshoe powder (it's better to buy it from a store specializing in horseshoe powder near pantang restaurant, with guaranteed quality and slightly higher price). The portion is a jin of horseshoe powder to eight bowls of water (normal bowl).

2. Make raw pulp first: four bowls of frozen boiled water are used to boil the powder. Make sure that the powder pulp is well boiled, and there is no granule. You can choose grid filtration, which is the key.

3. Coconut water horseshoe powder: add a bowl of water to half a can of coconut water, add 7 pairs of yellow sugar to boil together, boil until the yellow sugar is completely dissolved, make into syrup, cool for a while, mix with about one quarter of the raw powder, set aside.

Pure horseshoe powder: use another 3 bowls of water to continue boiling syrup. The sugar content is 1 jin of powder to 1 jin of flake sugar. You can also increase or decrease the sugar content according to your own taste. Cool the syrup in the pot for a while, put the rest of the raw powder into it and stir it fully for use.

4. If you put some more horseshoe meat, the taste will be better. You can prepare a proper amount of horseshoe, cut it into small grains, use soup bags and other things to remove the water content of horseshoe meat, it will taste more refreshing, and then mix it with pure horseshoe powder.