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Authentic Manchu special snack pan fried cake

I've always been very interested in local snacks, and I've tried a lot at home. Today, I want to share this Manchu special snack called "pan fried cake".


1. Stir fry peanuts to remove the film, beat them into fine particles with a blender, or grind them into flour directly. White sesame also need to be cooked in advance. White sugar is also mixed into a blender to make sugar powder. Three kinds of powder are mixed together to make filling.

2. Mix the medium gluten flour, soda powder, baking powder, yeast and other flour in a clean powder basin. Add all the warm water, mix the powder and warm water evenly with the hand-operated egg pump, and mix them into a paste with no dry powder particles.

3、 Put the safety film on the cooking bowl and let it stand for 1 hour at room temperature to make the baking powder and yeast in the batter play the role of fermentation.

4. One hour later, put a clean flat bottomed non stick pot on the fire. (I didn't wipe the oil. I need to rub a thin layer of oil. It's nice to fry it out.) mix the batter again and pour some into the flat bottomed non stick pot. Don't pour the batter too thick. Just spread the bottom of the pot.

5. Spread the stuffing evenly on the batter immediately after spreading the flour, then cover the pot cover, simmer on a low heat, open the pot cover after the air rises around the pan pan (about 5 minutes), fold the full pan fried cake into a semicircle with a wooden spatula, and then put it into the pan. When eating, just cut it directly.