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Look at the simple method of home-made marinated chicken feet

My habit of drinking is to eat chicken feet. Pickled peppers or braised chicken feet are OK. I can't eat them every time. It's necessary for my friends to drink at home during the Spring Festival. Today, I make a simple way to make chicken feet with braised chicken feet.

Braised chicken feet in soy sauce

1. After the chicken feet are washed, remove the nails one by one. (personal hygiene still needs to be done. It's better to cut off the nails and eat them.) put half of the water in the pan, pour in the chicken feet, and boil for three minutes after the fire.

2. Take out the chicken feet, wash them with flowing water and drain them. Pour the chicken feet into the pot and cover with water.

3. After boiling, add a tablespoon of cooking wine and two slices of ginger. Add three tablespoons old and two tablespoons raw.

4. Put the pepper, star anise, cinnamon and fragrant leaves into the tea bag and put them into the pot. (put it directly into the pot without tea bag).

5. Add in rock sugar and half teaspoon of thirteen spices. Boil again and turn to a low heat for about 80 minutes until the chicken feet are crispy and tasty. Turn to a high heat and collect the soup in the thick pot.