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Do not let go of any snacks in Spring Festival

How to make ShaQima at home? You may have thought about what snacks or snacks to make with sweet potatoes. Today, I'd like to share with you a kind of ShaQima made of sweet potato sticks, which is simpler.

Sagima method of sweet potato:

1. Wash the sweet potato and peel it, and then make it into thin strips (you can also cut it. The thickness of the sweet potato strips depends on your own preference. I want to make the thicker sweet potato strips). Break the eggs into a bowl. Pour the egg mixture into the sweet potato strips and mix well.

2. Pour in the flour. Grasp the sweet potato shreds and flour by hand, and cover each sweet potato strip with flour. Pour the oil in the pot. It's twice as much as the usual cooking oil. It won't absorb too much oil when frying sweet potato chips. Fry the sweet potato strips in several times. When the sweet potato strips are fried, the oil is almost used.

3. Heat the oil to 70% heat, put in a handful of sweet potato chips and fry. Deep fry until the sweet potato strips are golden, then fish out. Then fry the remaining sweet potato strips in several times until they are done.

4. Take a heat-resistant easy or baking tray, top with a layer of cooked cooking oil, sprinkle a little cooked white sesame at the bottom, spare. Put the lollipop in the pot, put in a small bowl of water, and turn on the fire to melt it. When the icing sugar blooms, turn to a small fire and put the butter in.

5. Then slowly boil the syrup until it becomes thick syrup. Syrup boil good standard, dip in syrup with chopsticks can pull out the thin line, you can turn off the fire. Pour in the fried sweet potatoes while they are hot.

6. Sprinkle the white sesame into the pot, quickly mix well, make each sweet potato stick dip in syrup. Quickly pour the sweet potato chips wrapped with syrup into a heat-resistant container, and then use a shovel or hand dip in water to compact the chips. Completely cool, demould and cut into small pieces.