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Microwave oven made street snack fried tofu

Some time ago, I saw that a kind of tofu snack on the street was particularly popular. I could not help but taste it. It's really delicious. I tried many methods at home. Only this microwave oven is the best way.

1. Cut the tofu into thick strips, drain the water, sprinkle a little salt, marinate for 5 minutes, and mix the sweet sauce, oyster sauce, cumin powder, black pepper and chili powder into the sauce.

2. Spread the bean curd slices on both sides of the soy sauce bean curd, brush the vegetable oil on both sides, bake the bean curd in high heat in microwave oven for 5 minutes, bring it out, brush the soy sauce on both sides, sprinkle the cumin granules, bake it in high heat for 10 minutes, turn the surface once in the middle.