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The practice of black rice dumpling

I remember that when I went to school, porridge for breakfast at the dining room window had all kinds of flavors, among which another impressive coconut milk black rice porridge had a very good taste. It was made of black rice porridge mixed with coconut milk. Today, I use this method for reference to make a delicious black rice snack.


1. Soak black rice for 24 hours in advance. (because the black rice is hard to cook directly, the rabbit soaked for a day until the black rice burst a little.)

2. Put the soaked black rice into the rice cooker, add a tablespoon of coconut milk powder, and then add a little more milk than usual cooking water, and stir evenly.

3. Let the milk and coconut milk soak the black rice for another half an hour, press the cook button, wait for the button to jump up, and then simmer for another two minutes.

4. Stir in a tablespoon of condensed milk while it's hot, pull out a ball with a spoon, put it into a bowl with coconut, shake it for several times like a lantern festival, until it's evenly wrapped with coconut.