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How to share the benefits of black rice noodles

What can black rice noodles do for food? Everyone says that the soup made from black rice looks like Qiong Jiang, and the pure black rice soup also emits a light waistline. For the elderly, it can be called medicinal rice. There are many ways to eat black rice noodles.

1. Black rice flour and glutinous rice flour are mixed with a small amount of water. The moisture content is that the rice flour can be held into a ball without being dispersed. Sift the black rice flour.

2. After sieving, add some sugar and mix gently. Rinse the oil on the mould. The white sugar of two kinds of rice flour must be mixed gently before steaming, otherwise, the rice cake will not be loose if it is put for a while.

3. First put in the black rice flour, gently scrape the surface, then pour in the japonica rice flour, scrape the surface, and gently draw out the cake line with a knife,

4. Cut the fruit and corn with a knife. Be careful with your hands. Decorate the pastry. Put manyue plum in the middle.

5. The cover of the pot is wrapped with cotton cloth and then steamed, so that the waterproof steam drips into the pastry surface to affect the appearance of the finished product.

6. The steamed cake should be steamed in high fire for about 30 minutes, and the mould can be removed in the middle of the process to prevent it from not being cooked.