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Homemade old Beijing bean juice with many advantages

How to make soy sauce? Many streets and alleys in Beijing sell soy sauce, which can be seen everywhere. There are many words about the benefits of soy sauce. In fact, it's very simple to make soy sauce at home, just mung beans.


1. Pick out the impurities from the mung bean, clean it and put it into the basin. Soak in cold water for more than ten hours. Mung beans are more absorbent and have more water. Soak until the bean skin is rubbed off and then remove.

2. Add water and grind the nuts into a paste (water: mung bean = 8:1).

3. After sedimentation: the top is froth, followed by slurry, raw bean juice, bean dregs and starch. Skim off the froth, put the precipitated starch separately, filter the rest of the bean juice, and the bean dregs filtered out are ma tofu.

4. Bean juice fermentation: about 35 ℃ for four hours, low temperature to extend the fermentation time, until the smell of acid rot. Adding some sour milk water from the last time to the bean juice can accelerate the fermentation.

5. Boil the raw bean juice over a low heat until it bubbles. Use a low heat to keep the soup open but not boiling. Eat and serve.