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It turns out that cooking a silver needle to cover a quilt was a famous dish among the heroes of the

Today's snack is to spread eggs. Let's call it simple. But Qin Qiong, one of the heroes of Sui and Tang Dynasties, said that Luo Cheng was very good at cooking silver needles and making a quilt. We are really curious about it. Who knows that it's just to spread eggs together? What we want to do is delicious or skillful.

How to cook silver needle to cover the quilt:

1. Choose fresh bean sprouts. I use soybean sprouts. Choose the bean petals and the whiskers. It is said that ancient emperors ate bean sprouts like this. No one was willing to do the work of choosing bean sprouts, which was often done by the lowest level of kitchen staff.

2. Wash the bean sprouts and control the water. Knock the eggs into a bowl, stir well, add 1g salt, and smear a layer of oil on the pan to prevent sticking.

3. Spread the eggs out into a pancake. Spare. Heat the oil in a hot pot, and cook the prickly ash to make it fragrant. Put the bean sprouts in the pot and stir quickly. Put in salt and rice vinegar before starting the pot.

4. Cover the egg cake with the sprouts.