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How to bake banana slices in microwave oven

How to make banana slices? Some people have reported to me that when using microwave oven to make banana slices, they are either not dried or burnt, which is always the two-stage direction. How to do it well? Today, I will teach you a simple and easy operation of banana slices.


1. In fact, this step is quite important. We need to adjust the proportion of flour well. We need to grasp three handfuls of flour, one handfuls of starch, a little salt, and two eggs in it.

2. Pour water to mix, not more water first, slowly add, slowly mix, but add foam powder by hand, not too much, just a handful. The small bag I bought cost 30 cents.

3. Stir it by hand. There are many small pieces of starch and flour in it. When you stir it by hand, crush it. Then let it ferment for five minutes.

4. Let's deal with bananas. Peel the bananas. Remove a little bit at both ends. Cut them into segments. You can also cut the larger ones. I'll cut the smaller ones here.

5. Put the cut flour into the fermented flour and wrap it with flour.

6. Put more oil in the pot. Heat the oil over high heat. Pour in the bananas. Don't put them all in for the first time. I'm afraid that the girl can't be busy. Splash the oil on her body. Put in a few of them. Take them out when the color turns yellow.