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How to make coffee and corn beans? Homemade hot and delicious snacks

How to make coffee corn beans? The corn beans that I accidentally ate once two days ago are coffee corn beans that I don't know later. They are like gold beans, but they taste better than gold beans. When I check online, I think the coffee corn beans that I bought recently are particularly delicious. I just found this qualification method and shared it with my loving relatives.

1. First, wash the corn and put it in the boiling water for two minutes, then take out the cooked corn and cool it, then take off the corn grains

2. Wash the corn seeds in water and take them out. If there is a little water on the surface of corn, do not dry it too much. Put it into a large container, and pour in the glutinous rice flour. It can be as many times as possible

3. When the oil is in the frying pan, when the oil is 2% hot, you can put in the sticky corn grains, stir with chopsticks, so as to avoid sticking together (avoid that the oil temperature is not high)

4. When the corn is fried and the surface is slightly yellow, it can be fished out. Then put the fried products on the plate and sprinkle with coffee, or put the corn grains sprinkled with coffee into the microwave oven for 10 seconds to melt the coffee, or sprinkle with sugar, sauce, condensed milk, according to personal taste.