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Special KFC salty radish cake

No matter when and where the season should be, there are vegetables to be seasoned. KFC is also a kind of delicious food in winter. I once tasted a radish cake, but I always made the radish cake according to the taste in my memory.


1. Peel the radish and shred it. Put it in the basin for use. Rinse the dried mushrooms and shrimps, and then soak them in a little boiling water. I used 100g of water (do not pour the dried mushrooms and shrimps, but leave them for later use).

2. Dice the dried mushrooms and shrimps that are soaked in the hair; dice the red intestines as small as possible, just the size of the soybeans; put the oil in the pot and stir fry in three kinds of small fires until the flavor is stir fried, and then multiply the oil to be used (the oil in the pot does not need to be put too much, there is a part of the oil in the red intestines, which can be stir fried slowly with a small fire).

3. Put more oil in the pan, pour in the shredded radish, stir fry it over high heat. Only when the shredded radish is a little soft, put in two teaspoons of salt (5ml of teaspoon).

4. Pour the diced mushroom, dried shrimp and red sausage into the pot, stir fry with shredded radish until the shredded radish is completely soft.

5. Put in 3 small spoons (5ml) of white pepper powder; pour in the water soaked in mushrooms and dried shrimps before, and then pour in 30ml of raw soy sauce (the amount of raw soy sauce depends on the situation, not too much, otherwise it will not become a cake later).

6. Prepare glutinous rice flour and clarified noodles. One bag of glutinous rice flour is just enough. Weigh out 50g of glutinous rice flour for use. Turn off the fire, quickly pour glutinous rice flour and clarified noodles into the pot, and start mixing (it is better to use a wooden spoon than a spatula, so be patient, and do not add water halfway).

7. Stir until there is no dry powder; oil the container, pour the stirred radish mud into the container, put the container in the steamer, and steam for about 30 minutes.