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How to make Chinese traditional small oil fried noodles

How to make oil fried noodles? Oil fried noodles are a kind of snacks that can be seen in our street. As the name implies, oil fried noodles need to be fried. The way to eat is very simple. Some places call it oil tea. The fried noodles appear delicious oil tea noodles just like tea. It's very simple.

Fried noodles with oil

1. If the prepared kernels are ripe, only the larger kernels need to be broken. If the nuts are raw, fry them first.

2. Prepare black sesame, white sesame and walnuts. Sift the flour, untie the pimples in the flour, hehe

3. Do not put oil in the dry pot, pour the flour into the pot, dry fry with medium heat, and always stir fry the white flour to turn brown, and slowly smell the wheat.

4. Pour in two tablespoons of common cooking oil. Stir fry one tablespoon of oil before adding another.

5. Pour in another spoonful of sesame oil. Don't think it's greasy to fry noodles with sesame oil. It's not greasy at all. It's not delicious without sesame oil!

6. Pour in the processed nuts and continue to stir fry for three minutes, then turn off the heat. Put the fried noodles in the pan and let cool for a while, then pour in brown sugar, of course, white sugar is also OK

7. When washing oil and stir fried noodles, wet them with warm water first, and do not put more water on them. Use boiling water to make the paste. If the water is not very hot and the paste leaks a little, you can use the microwave oven to tweet for one minute.