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Homemade and unforgettable oil glutinous rice balls

Youciba is a snack I used to sell on the street a long time ago. I found that some of the current classic snacks are constantly losing. Children seem to prefer Western snacks. No one has made traditional Chinese snacks. It's not difficult to make youciba. I will share my practice with my favorite friends.

Glutinous rice cake with bean sauce

1. Soak the glutinous rice for two or three hours, add rice, and add the water with less steamed rice and steamed rice.

2. Add sugar to the cooked rice while it is hot, and then roll the dough stick to pound the rice. Don't pound the rice until you can't see the rice grains like the hand-made Ciba. This model only uses half the time to pound until the rice is sticky, but you can see the shape of the rice grains.

3. Mix the red bean sauce and glutinous rice powder evenly, cut the food bag, spread it flat and spread thin oil, put the rice on it, level and spread the red bean sauce.

4. Then use the food bag, roll up the rice and put it in the container. I use the toast mold. Press the rice harder.

5. Refrigerate for two hours, take it out, cut it into a 0.8cm slice pan with hot oil, put it into the glutinous rice slices and fry until both sides are yellow, take it out and control the oil.