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Making a hard version of Sakima with homemade cocoa rice candy

I remember that when I was a kid, I had a special craving for the hard food similar to that of the Sakima. I could eat it no matter how sweet it was. Unlike the soft one, the Sakima was a little too sweet to eat. Now I know that it was made of cocoa flower. I tried to make my favorite cocoa flower horse after I made it myself some time ago.


1. Mix cocoa, white sesame and walnuts, boil syrup.

2. Continue to cook over low heat, bring syrup to 115 degrees. If there is no syrup thermometer, dip a little syrup with chopsticks. If the syrup can pull out the thin line, it means it is well cooked.

3. Turn off the heat after boiling the syrup, put the mixed rice flower 1 into the syrup, mix it quickly while it is hot, and dip the rice flower, white sesame and walnut kernel into the syrup as much as possible.

4. When it's warm, pour in the oiled 8-inch square baking tray (about 20cm long square baking tray) or other molds. After applying oil on the hand, directly compact the blank with the palm (operate when it is warm, and it will be hard when it is cold).

5. Wait for the rice flowers to cool down completely, glue together, demould and cut into small pieces. After 24 hours it will harden and set completely.