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Little fried milk on Valentine's Day

Every time I go to some small houses, I often salivate over the fried milk. I can't find the trick to make it by myself. I think the fried milk is like spring roll skin. But I tried to test the milk when I went home. It's frozen, but it's also very fast. I asked the cook if he wanted to make the fried milk agar.

1. Soak the agar in cold water, put the milk cream sugar into the pot, add the soft agar, and cook until the agar is completely melted.

2. Put the plastic film on the container for easy removal, pour in the milk liquid and wait for solidification. Take out the spring roll skin from the refrigerator and defrost it. Mix the egg with flour and some water to make the batter a little thick.

3. Use the mould to cut out the shape of the frozen milk, or cut it into strips, wrap it with spring roll skin like a red bag, and paste it tightly.

4. The oil is about 190-200 degrees. Put the milk covered with the paste into the pan and freeze it on both sides. It's golden and immediately fished out. It's easy to break after a long time. The milk will flow out and the oil pan will explode in disorder.