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Rice noodles and mutton home made Guizhou Zunyi famous snack mutton noodles

How to make Zunyi mutton meal? I want to make some mutton soup to warm my body in the extremely cold weather today. I asked everyone's opinion that some people want to eat duck blood and vermicelli soup and some want mutton soup. I made Zunyi famous snack mutton meal with neutralization.

Method of mutton meal:

1. Wash the mutton, cut it into pieces and put it into the pot. Boil it in high heat. Remove the froth and stew it in low heat

2. Pull out and put the weight tightly, cool for 5 hours, then cut into thin slices of 3cm wide and 5cm long. Soak the rice flour in cold water to remove the sour taste, put it into a boiling pot and scald it thoroughly. Remove it with a leaky spoon and put it into a noodle bowl.

3. Spread the slices of mutton on the powder, scoop in the original soup with salt flavor, mutton oil, put in chili powder or chili oil, and then put in MSG, pepper powder, parsley and onion.