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Yuncheng famous eat BEIXIANG mutton, Hubu. Don't get it wrong. It's not a carrot

Mutton Hu Bu is not mutton or carrot. Hu Bu here refers to a kind of dead face cake. It is a famous characteristic snack in Yuncheng area of Shanxi Province, especially in BEIXIANG town. Therefore, it is called "northern mutton Hu Bu". It has a history of more than 100 years. Its method is: the white pancakes are sliced into strips, cooked with fresh mutton soup, and then mixed with sesame oil, onion, pepper and other spices. It tastes fresh and delicious, oil but not greasy, very nutritious, so it's well-known far and near, and it's a delicacy that Yuncheng people can't live without all the year round.

Cooking process of mutton soup:

1. Wash the front leg meat with water and chop it into large pieces with a knife. Put enough cold water in the pot, put the mutton in it, heat it until the surface of the water boils, and float the foam. Remove the mutton and wash the foam off the surface of the mutton with warm water.

2. Put the processed mutton in an electric pressure cooker. Add enough cold water to the mutton, add ginger slices and green onions, and put the prickly ash into the spice pot.

3. Cover the pot and press the "meat" key to keep the pressure for 20 minutes. Cook until the mutton is cooked and rotten.

4. The electric pressure cooker stew is just to speed up the maturity of meat. The boiled soup is not clear enough. At this time, move the mutton and soup to the casserole, and continue to boil to about 20 minutes to make the soup thick and white, and the mutton soup will be ready.

How to make Hubu dough:

1. Flour 300 can be placed in a mixing basin and poured into a proper amount of warm water in several times. Use chopsticks to mix flour and warm water evenly to form a wet dough without dry powder.

2. Use your hands to blend the dough into a smooth dough. Prepare a small amount of cold water in a small bowl, slightly bend the four fingers of the right hand except the thumb, and dip some cold water.

3. Still four fingers slightly curved, repeatedly tied on the dough several times. Cover the dough with a damp cloth and put it aside for 20 minutes.

4. Put the dough on the board. Use a rolling pin to roll it into a large piece with thickness of 0.5-1cm.

5. Use a brush to brush a layer of edible oil on the surface of the cake skin, and sprinkle a layer of salt evenly.

6. Holding one end of the dough in both hands, stretch it to both sides, and twist the dough into long strips into round blocks.

7. Use a rolling pin to roll the dough pier into a round cake skin. Heat the pan on fire and pour in a small amount of cooking oil.

8. Put the crust into the pot, fry it over low heat until it is golden on one side, turn it over and fry it on the other side until it is golden on both sides, and then out of the pot.

Stewing process of mutton and carrot:

1. Cut the shallot and green onion into pieces, cut the coriander into pieces, fry in the oil left by pancakes, put in the shallot section and saute.

2. The cooked mutton is cut into slices. Put the mutton into the pot and scoop in the appropriate amount of mutton soup, which is not over the surface of the mutton.

3. Add some salt, some pepper powder, and some chili oil. Bring to a boil.

4. The baked cake is cut into thin slices like noodles, and the slices are put into the pot.

5. Sprinkle in coriander and green part, stew for 2-3 minutes, then you can get out of the pot.