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Homemade glutinous rice cake is more delicious

The rice, date or bean stuffing is made into large pieces, which are cut on the chopping board for retail, so it is called cut cake. I once ate in Qingming River Garden. It's not a special delicacy. Maybe it's because of the different ways. This time, it's more delicious. You may as well make it at home. It's a magic weapon to deal with children.


1. Clean the glutinous rice and red dates and soak them for 4-5 hours. Dry the glutinous rice and steam for 15 minutes.

2. Remove the core from the red dates and put them into a boiling pot. Cook for 10 minutes. Fish out. Steam for 15 minutes, open the lid, and pour boiling water into the glutinous rice.

3. Stir while boiling the water to make the glutinous rice fully absorb water; wait until the glutinous rice is completely stirred into paste shape.

4. Cover and continue steaming for 20 minutes. Use spoon or mash garlic to crush the steamed glutinous rice.

5. Take a fresh box and spread the plastic film. Spread a layer of glutinous rice and compact it with a shovel.

6. Then spread a layer of jujube and press it to compact. Then spread a layer of glutinous rice and compact it. In this way, two dates and three glutinous rice.

7. Wrap it with plastic wrap and press heavy objects on it. Put in the refrigerator for 1 hour.

8. Take it out, dip the knife in water, cut it into pieces and dip it in sugar.