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Steam out a bowl of egg patty soup in two steps

I hope you don't be frightened by this series of practices. The first time you follow this method, you will know next time that it's really convenient and simple, and the steamed nutrition is relatively complete, and the children eat the best.

1. It's better to choose this kind of porcelain pot with a cover. The size can be all right. You can buy more small porcelain pots at one time. In this way, you can steam out several pots in one pot. Each pot is beautiful and convenient. If you don't have one, you can use a common pot. But when you steam, you should cover the plate to avoid too much steam in the pot, which will affect the taste of the soup.

2. Chop pork into minced meat, add cooking wine, pepper powder or pepper powder, ginger powder, a little salt and mix well, then add dry starch and stir in the same direction.

3. Put the meat stuffing into a porcelain pot and press it into a patty shape at the bottom. If there is no porcelain pot, you can make several patties of the same size according to the number of people eating each 50g of minced meat, and then put them into a large plate.

4. Put the lid on the porcelain pot, heat the steamer for another 5 minutes, and then steam it for another 5 minutes. Similarly, if you use a large plate, you can also cover another plate or wrap it on the pot.

5. The steamed meat cake is taken out with a spoon and put into a bowl. The floating foam on the surface of the meat cake is gently scraped off with a spoon, and then the meat cake is rinsed with warm water. The meat cake soup made in this way is fresh and not greasy, and the soup is clear and not muddy.

6. Put the washed meat cake back into the clean porcelain pot and fill it with water (be sure to fill it up, or the soup will feel less after steaming). If you use a basin, put all the meat cake into the bottom of the basin, and lay it flat, and then add water to each meat cake according to the amount of water in a bowl (cold water and warm water are OK, not hot water).

7. Put the eggs directly into the porcelain pot or basin (the quantity of eggs and meat cake is the same), cover the lid. If you use the basin, cover it with a large plate. Steam it for 10 minutes on a high heat, then steam it for at least 30 minutes on a low heat (keep it in the state of steam all the time). Steam it for about an hour and it tastes best. Then turn off the heat, open the lid and put a little salt for seasoning.

8. When the steamed egg patty soup is just opened, it may not be clear. Use a spoon to remove the patty from the bottom of the pot. After one minute of standing, the soup will become clear.

9. If you make it in a small porcelain pot, you can serve it directly. If you make it in a basin, you can divide it into a meat cake and an egg, and then fill it with soup.