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Horse's hoof cake with crispy sides

1. Prepare the materials, first use 150g water to boil the horseshoe powder!

2. Filter and remove impurities. I use the granular horseshoe powder packed in cartons, so I want to filter it, but it's more tenacious!

3. Cut the horse's hooves and don't pat them. They are not crisp enough

4. Boil the remaining 375g of water, dissolve the brown sugar and crystal sugar. I don't like the strong taste of brown sugar very much, so I only have two kinds of sugar in half. Moreover, the clear and sweet taste of crystal sugar is perfect for the refreshing and refreshing of horseshoe. Brown sugar is used for coloring.

5 when the water is boiled, put the horseshoe in, and then scoop a quarter of the uncooked pulp from the one-step boiling into the sugar water, which becomes the cooked pulp.

6. Slowly pour the remaining raw pulp into the cooked pulp, one side down, and stir it quickly at the same time, so as not to agglomerate or paste the bottom.

7. Put a layer of oil on the plate or plate, and then pour the batter into the plate.

8. Boil the water in the pot and steam in the cage for 20 minutes. This should be mastered by yourself. If the cake you steam is thick, the time should be lengthened accordingly.

9. Cool down and cut into pieces, then you can eat.

10. It can also be cut and fried, which is another flavor. Better not cut too thin.