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Oatmeal, crispy, Arctic shrimp, Hong Kong style snacks

1. Thaw the Arctic shrimp with cold water, so that the water will be lost. When the body temperature of the shrimp is the same inside and outside, it can also absorb enough water. Chop and fry the garlic in advance until golden

2. Stir fry the instant oatmeal in a dry pan until the flavor comes out, and then put it on standby

3. Sprinkle a little salt on the thawed Arctic shrimp and mix well, sprinkle in starch, make each shrimp covered with starch, then shake off the excess starch with sieve

4. Preheat the oil pan. When it's about 70% hot, fry the shrimp until golden,

5. Increase the oil temperature, put the Arctic shrimp and shallot into the section again, fry it again quickly, and lift it up. This step is conducive to the preservation of the crispy shell and taste of the finished shrimp for a long time,

6. Leave a little oil in the pot, stir fry ginger, scallion and pepper

7. Pour in the garlic crispy fried before, then pour in the oatmeal with the same stir

8. Pour in the breadcrumb, continue to stir fry until the color is yellowish, and then pour in the fried prawns

9. Stir fry for a while, seasoning sugar, taste salt and pepper, put in coriander, taste and adjust to suit.