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Lingnan style stir fried meat

1 wash the pork and slice it, remove the coat of red onion and pat it flat

Put a little oil in the pot, pour in the red onion and stir fry, then pour in the pork

When the water on the surface of the pork is dry and the oil is not out, pour in a spoonful of water. It doesn't need much water. It's estimated that the water can be boiled until the meat is almost cooked and then dried

When the water is dry and the meat is almost cooked, keep a small fire at this time. Don't burn it. Stir it slowly until the lard is forced out. It's very fragrant

5 add in tempeh, green pepper, stir fry for a while, add soy sauce and salt to make your favorite saltiness and color, and you will be out of the pot!