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Pretzels with thousands of layers of salt and pepper are fragrant and soft

1. Take 400g flour, add some boiling water, and form a hot dough. Cover the dough for half an hour, divide it into two dough, take one and knead it.

2. Roll the dough from the middle to the four corners to make it rectangular.

3. After rolling out the dough, brush the pretzel paste, and then fold it along the long side like a folding fan when I was a child.

5. Stretch the folded surface slowly, relax for 10 minutes after stretching, and then turn it into a spiral shape. Roll it out according to the flat shape, not too thin, or the cake will be hard.

6. Brush a thin oil on the bottom of the pot, put in the cake, and heat it over medium or small heat until it is golden on one side, and then turn it over to golden on the other side.