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A flower like dish with minced meat and eggs

1. Wash the shallots, cut them into scallions and 2 eggs, put them into a bowl and mix them evenly, then use them as standby. ,

2. Stir the pork hind legs, wash them, drain off the water, chop them into fine meat fillings, add a teaspoon of raw meal water and a proper amount of sugar, salt, sesame oil, and then add the chopped shallot flowers, stir well, marinate for half an hour.

3. Put a proper amount of oil in the pan, heat it to 50% heat with low heat, pour in the egg liquid, pick up the pan and turn it around, let the egg liquid evenly cover the bottom of the pan, heat it with low heat until the surface of the egg liquid solidifies, take out the egg skin carefully and put it in a slightly larger plate.

4. Spread the marinated pork stuffing on the egg skin, make the egg skin evenly covered with pork stuffing, then gently lift one side of the egg skin and roll it inward, and roll the whole egg skin covered with meat stuffing into a roll.

5. Heat up the water in the steamer, transfer the rolled egg roll into the steamer, steam for about 8 minutes, take out the steamed egg roll, cool it and cut it into small pieces with a slanting knife.