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Shaanxi soy sauce meat is full of soy sauce and fragrant

1. Gradually add a small amount of water to the meat filling. Add 200g-300g water to 500g meat filling, and beat vigorously in one direction every time.

2. Put chopped green onion and ginger into the stuffing and stir well.

3. Add sweet sauce (or big sauce), salt, fried pepper oil (cool) and sesame oil in turn, and continue to stir evenly in one direction until sticky and sticky.

4. Cut the dough into proper size, press it flat, roll it with a rolling pin into thick and thin skin on both sides, put the filling in the center of the dough, pinch a fold on the side, don't let go, develop to the side, pinch a fold a little more until all the dough is folded and sealed on the top of the bun, you can see the shape.

5. Do not steam the steamed buns immediately after they are wrapped. Let them ferment again for about 10 minutes. Steam the water in the steamer for about 10 minutes, but don't turn it on immediately after turning off the fire, and keep it stuffy for another five minutes. The steamed bun noodles look better.