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Do drooling chickens really need to drool first

Prepare materials first: 1. Put the raw materials in brackets into the pot and fry them in medium and small heat

2. Fry until the raw material is dry and the color turns brown. Remove the residue and continue to heat the oil to 7-8%

3. Pour 1 / 4 of the hot oil into the sesame

4. Stir the sesame with chili sauce

5. Turn off the heat, wait until the oil temperature drops to 3-4% and pour into the hot pepper basin

6. The stainless steel basin cover is left for 48 hours, and then it is made into duplicate red oil

Production process of kowtow chicken

1. After washing, remove the tip of the head, feet and wings, and smear salt and yellow wine on the surface

2. Marinate with scallion and ginger for 20 minutes

3. Mash ginger and garlic with a little salt (about 1g) and prepare for use

4. Mix all the ingredients of the bowl juice and make it into the strange flavor juice

5. Chicken cold underwater pot (add a little rice wine, pepper, scallion, ginger, salt)

6. Turn the lid over medium and small heat to cook for 5-7 minutes, then turn off the heat and simmer for 7-8 minutes.

Well, when we get out of the pot, it's really the pot lid that starts to drool. Ha-ha.