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The bean paste with strong Sichuan flavor is unstoppable

Preparation stage: 1. It's best to choose a new potato the size of an egg. It's easy to cook and tastes good! If you buy a large potato, you can divide it into several pieces before steaming. 2. It's better to steam the potatoes in separate water, which can not only shorten the time of ripening and softening, but also maximize the retention of nutrition. Use chopsticks to prick potatoes before cooking to judge the degree of ripeness and softness. 3. The steamed potatoes are washed a little to cool for better peeling. 4. The fineness of mashed potatoes depends on the taste you like. If you like the taste, you must treat the mashed potatoes very fine without any grain. This taste is more suitable for chicken soup, similar to KFC mashed potatoes. Add pickled vegetables, preserved fruits and today's Douban mashed potatoes, etc., which can be rougher in the material processing, and the taste may be better on the contrary! 5. For mashed potatoes, the amount of oil should also be determined according to your own preferences. If you like to have some friends who feel like a pot, you can put less oil, but on the contrary, you should put more. Methods: 1. Wash the potatoes, cut them in half, put them in the pot, steam for 20 minutes. 2. Take out and cool, peel, and mash the potatoes with a shovel. 3. Heat the oil in the pot, add Pixian Douban soy sauce, stir fry the mashed potatoes until they are sanded. 4. Add salt, chicken essence and pepper, stir fry well, sprinkle a little onion.