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Make Qin Keqing's favorite food in the dream of Red Mansions

Friends who know about the dream of Red Mansions must know that Qin Keqing is very fond of Zaoni yam cake, which has appeared many times in Qin Keqing's words, mainly made of red dates and yams.

Methods of Zaoni Yam Cake:

1. The yams are steamed, peeled, mashed until there is no granular mud, wrapped in jujube mud, the mouth closed, put into the mold for shaping.

2. Wash the dates, soak them in water, add water to the pot, and cook for half an hour.

3. Drain (stock stock) and peel.

4. Then put it into the original juice and soak for half an hour.

5. When the soup is about to dry, add sugar, lard and starch, mix well, and let cool.

Yams are divided into powder (noodles) and crisp ones, which are easy to form. Yam steaming on the drawer fire 15 minutes good, the best spread in the steaming drawer layer, evenly heated. If you use crispy yam, which is sticky, you can add some cooked starch or lotus root powder (if not, the skin will crack).