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Self made soul food of Jiangnan jade Magnolia soup

Magnolia soup, please don't be confused by the name, 'Magnolia' is not magnolia flowers, directly cooking magnolia flowers to expose the heaven. It's the river fish, the black fish in the spring of Jiangnan. Let's see how the black fish changes the Magnolia.

1. Remove scales and internal organs of the black fish, and cut off the head of the fish (this step can be done by the shopkeeper).

2. Use a knife to cut the fish close to the ribs. There is no fish bone on the fish.

3. Lay the fish flat on the chopping board, with the fish skin facing down.

4. The angle between the knife and the chopping board is about 45 degrees, which means the fish under the slice is slanted, but the fish skin cannot be cut off.

5. Cut to cut, soon become familiar with the road, fish more and more like petals, gently pulled from the skin. It's like a magnolia petal.

6. Marinate the fish fillet with cooking wine, pepper and salt for 5 minutes, and wash the seedlings.

7. Boil the water in the pot, blanch for two seconds, and drain.

8. The seedlings are chopped on the chopping board.

9. Boil the soup in the pot, add the chopped seedling grass, mix in salt, thicken with starch, put in some cooking oil, the dishes are better.

10. In another pot, boil the water in the pot, and boil the fish fillet in the boiling water.

11. In the soup bowl, put in the Yangcao soup first, then add the fish slices (do not add the fish soup).