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Five star snack made by mung bean

The purpose of sharing the method to you is that this snack is only steamed or mashed with a rolling pin, not with a blender or oven. I hope this method can be accepted by more people and they like to do it.

Osmanthus agar solution: soak the agar in cold water, let it stand for 15 minutes, pour it into a small pot together, add some osmanthus, and boil the agar to dissolve completely.

1. After the mung bean kernel is washed, put it into a bowl with clear water to soak for 3-4 hours, then pour out the water to soak the mung bean, and then add the fresh water that has not been used for mung bean kernel.

2. Put the big bowl with mung bean kernels in the steamer, cover the pot and steam until mung bean kernels bloom.

3. Take the steamed mung bean kernel out of the steamer, add some sugar (or sugar), and mash it with a rolling pin while it is hot.

4. Then put the mung bean paste out and put it into the filter screen for filtration. During this period, use a small spoon to continuously rotate and press the mung bean paste.

5. Take another spoon, scrape off the delicate mung bean paste from the bottom of the filter screen, and pour half of the mung bean paste into the small pot (the remaining half will be used to make cold cakes later).

6. Add a proper amount of ice sugar water according to the thickness of the taste you like. Use a spoon to stir in one direction until it is even and fine, that is, iced sugar mungbean sand.

7. In another pot, pour the remaining green bean paste into the prepared osmanthus agar solution, mix well, then pour into the fresh-keeping box, and put it into the refrigerator's refrigerator for refrigeration.

8. After demoulding the completely solidified mung bean cake, cut it into small pieces, put it into a container, and then it can be eaten.