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Crispy meat crispy roll baked in a pan

It's not surprising that there are not a few meat pies now. I didn't expect that those made in a pan would have such a crispy effect. It's too strong to boast.


1. Pour the raw materials of the water and oil skin into the container in turn, and knead them into dough that can be pulled to the film.

2. The lard and flour in the pastry are evenly grasped by hand.

3. The pastry and pastry are divided into pastry and pastry dough with the same weight.

4. 15g / pastry, 15g / pastry and 20g-25g / filling.

5. Take a water and oil skin, rub it into a round shape, press the flat package to put in a portion of the pastry, and close the mouth and pinch it downward.

6. Roll it into a tongue shape and roll it up.

7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 for all roll embryos in turn.

8. Take a roll embryo, roll it with a rolling pin to a rectangle, wrap it with the seasoned pork stuffing and fold it into a rectangle.

9. Heat up the pan, and put the wrapped meat crispy rolls into the pan.

10. Pan fry the meat until it's yellow on all sides, and then pan fry the left and right ends.