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Anhui Doupi rice is simple and delicious

When making Anhui Doupi rice, you must remember to fly the tofu skin in the water. The Doupi is put in the boiling water to fly for a while so that you can eat more safely, and it is directly used to wrap the rice and no longer cook it.

1. Prepare cucumber, sausage, carrot and bean skin. Cut carrot, cucumber and sausage into long lines

2. Cut the bean skin into small rectangles. The size depends on your preference

3. Put the cut bean skin in the boiling water and fly

4. Stir fry carrot and cucumber in oil

5. The intestines are cooked in the microwave oven. Put the fried carrot and green melon on top of the intestines. Put a piece of chopped bean skin first

6. Add the rice balls and fried materials, add some little salad sauce, roll up, and make the rice with bean skin.