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Homemade Fujian snack Dingbian paste gives new life to guobian paste

Fujian snack Dingbian paste has been said that "simple materials, simple methods, coupled with simple eating methods, are all unexpected delicacies". Dingbian paste is also called guobian paste. Today, I'd like to share with you its latest practices and the way of eating.


1. Wash the rice and soak it in clear water for one night (the rice soaking time is enough, the rice pulp can be milled fine) and then take it out and drain it. Mix about 1500g of water to grind it into a pulp, and then add 2G of borax sand (dissolve with water first) and mix it evenly.

2. Put the pig bones into a clear water pot and boil them into bone soup, about 3000 grams.

3. Put dried shrimps and razor clams into bone soup and cook over medium low heat for one hour. Let them taste and then serve

4. Wash laver and shred, cut leek. Dice the lean meat for later use.

5. Heat the large pot (about 60cm in diameter), add twice the water to the prepared soup, cover the pot cover, remove the pot cover after boiling, smear a layer of peanut oil on the side of the pot, ladle rice slurry into the pot with a bowl, cover the pot cover for about half a minute, remove the cover, shovel the cooked rice slurry into the soup, add some soup and water, cover and boil, and finish the rice slurry according to the above method. When the last pulp is ready, add dried shrimps, razor clams (previously boiled), laver, lean meat and leek, and cook them in a pot, then add soy sauce, refined salt, monosodium glutamate, old wine, pepper and onion oil.