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Fried Sanzi Henan special snacks

Entering Henan may be very common but a kind of fried food is very popular. In fact, it's called fried Sanzi. It's a special flavor of Henan, which is a snack. It needs some technology, but everyone is very good.


1. Put the flour into the basin, add about 250ml warm water (cold water can be used in hot days), 1 egg, 12g salt, put it in at the same time, after the salt dissolves, use your hand to mix the flour, then use your hand to tie the flour into a soft, smooth and muscular dough, cover with wet cloth for 20 minutes.

2. Put some oil on the case, put the face on the case, put another layer of oil on the face, rub it with water to form a chopstick like thick and thin strip, and put it into the basin layer by layer. Every layer should be applied with oil and rubbed into one from the beginning to the end.

3. Clip one end of the noodles into the tiger's mouth of the left hand, stroke the noodles with the right hand, wrap 9-10 circles on the four fingers jutting out from the left hand side by side, take another pair of chopsticks, prop them up in the wrapped noodles ring, hold the two ends with both hands, pull them out to about 20cm long, and put them into a 70% hot oil pan. As soon as the heat is seen, twist one end of the noodles to a half agent, then pull out the chopsticks, and fry them in the oil pan To finalize the design, the persimmon will be fished out in yellow.