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The key to the smell of fried noodles

In my understanding, the deeper meaning of fried turnback is that there are a lot of customers coming back. Fried turnback is halal food, with golden color, tender skin, burnt stuffing, delicious taste, salty for the old and the young. It is one of the famous snacks, but it is actually a kind of halal pancake.

Making method

1. Boil 500ml of water and pour into a bowl of flour. Stir while pouring. Move fast. At the same time, add a little alkali, stir into hot noodles, stir until there is no pimple, slightly cool.

2. Knead the hot face into strips, pull the agent, and roll out the long round flakes for use.

3. Chop up the beef, add soy sauce, leek (or leek), and a little salt to make the filling.

4. Put the stuffing on one end of the cut hot noodle skin, fold it up from this end, and fold it three times in total, then press the two ends to death, fry it in the oil pan until it is jujube red, and then put it into the pan.