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Fresh corn noodles, a folk cake

There are many people who say that it's Beijing's folk household custom to paste pancakes. In fact, this kind of household snack can be seen in many places, and the production methods are the same.


1. The yeast powder is dissolved in 50 ml of warm water below 30 ℃. Add in cornmeal little by little and stir well with milk.

2. Mix the corn paste for 2 hours and it will be slightly fluffy.

3. I used osmanthus wine. I think it would be very suitable to soak raisins and put them into dough. Soak raisins for 15 minutes and wait for them to soften.

4. Add soybean flour, milk powder and sugar to the corn batter.

5. Finally, stir evenly. If the batter is wet, you can put some soy flour, if the batter is dry, you can put some water or milk.

6. The soaked raisins are dried with kitchen paper. Put it into the batter and mix well.

7. Brush a little oil on the nonstick pan or electric cake pan, and heat it over low heat. Take a proper amount of batter and knead it round, then stick it in the pot and press it to be shriveled, about 1cm thick, not too thick, too thick and not easy to be cooked. One side of the belt can be easily shaken. When it is creaky, it can be turned over and pasted on the other side.